Desktop charging cradles


Enterprise  grade USB to Ethernet adapters


USB / Ethernet charging cradles

20 years of excellence in enterprise grade cradles, adapters and accessories for mobile devices.

Portsmith Technologies is a leading provider of Ethernet cradles, multi-slot charging docks, adapters and accessories of handheld mobile computers, tablets and handhelds for the VAR and distribution channel.  Our products are used worldwide with installations approaching one million units.

We take great pride in the role we play in helping mobile professionals, VAR’s and companies around the world be more productive and successful every day.

“I’ve had a fantastic relationship with the Portsmith team. They have a great solution for a tough-to-fill niche. And when you need to fill that niche, Portsmith cradles really work.”


Bill Butler


“If you don’t control the environment, it’s a fantastic way to make a set up that will work no matter what the situation. In fact, the biggest savings have been no support headaches. That alone has paid for them (Portsmith units) dozens of times over.”


Jim Ell-Egermeier


“We are very, very happy with the route we went. I’m a pretty conservative guy and known to go the cheap route. Portsmith is well worth the investment. If you buy cheap, you’re going to pay for it on the support end.”


Paul Offerle