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PSA1uB1E-EEncapsulated Micro-B USB to Ethernet Adapter (PSA1uB1E-E)

Rugged, One-Piece Design As devices continue to get thinner and lighter space for USB and Ethernet ports becomes a premium. This means compressing more capabilities into smaller connections. Portsmith’s PSA1uB1E-E adapter enables many devices to use the Micro-B USB port as a way to add the Ethernet capabilities. This enables the same networking access for […]

PSA1U1E-EEncapsulated USB to Ethernet Adapter (PSA1U1E-E)

Rugged, One-Piece Design Portsmith’s new fully encapsulated, one-piece USB to Ethernet Adapter ‘PSA1U1E-E’ provides mobile device users working in unforgiving environments a more rugged and resilient method for establishing a direct wired connection to the network than ever before. With a full-size USB Type-A connector on one end and RJ45 Ethernet receptacle on the other, […]

PSA1U1E (Included in PSAK-UCE Kit)Rugged, In-Line USB to Ethernet Adapter (PSA1U1E)

The PSA1U1E is rugged, reliable and repeatable. This USB to Ethernet Adapter can quickly and easily add High Speed networking access to almost any Mobile Computer.

PSA1UH1E_TopHost USB to Ethernet Adapter PSA1UH1E

Network Mobile Computers Many mobile computers need a PC to enable networking capabilities. The PSA1UH1E replaces the need for a PC and allows virtually any Windows CE or Windows Mobile based computer to get internet and networking access. Power Pass-Through The PSA1UH1E-12 will take it’s 12v input power, and then will also pass through 12v power […]

PSA1U1MUSB Client to Analog Modem Adapter (PSA1U1M)

Enhance USB Cradles  Portsmith’s USB to Modem adapter allows you to quickly and easily add Analog Modem capabilities to almost any existing USB device. Global Coverage Around the world, the one thing that every country has standardized on is the RJ11 phone plug.  With the PSA1U1M, you can be sure that you will be able […]

PSAMC75HCU-BMC70-MC75 Heel-Cup to USB Type-B Cable Adapter

The PSAMC75HCU-B heel cup adapter allows users to connect the Motorola MC70 and MC75 directly to a PSA1U1E USB to Ethernet Adapter or other Type-B receptacle based accessory. Request a Demo or Information First Name: Last Name: Company: Phone: E-Mail:

PSXMC70-75HCU_smallMC70-MC75 Heel-Cup to USB Cable Adapter

Connects to Motorola MC7x Series Mobile Computer and converts the proprietary connector to a USB Mini-B plug connection that can be used with Portsmith External Adapters