Motorola MC3000/MC3100 Ethernet

Single slot USB to Ethernet cradle for Motorola 30xx and 31xx terminals, equipped with USB port and spare battery charge slot. This cradle serves as essential data communications devices, enabling you to communicate between your Symbol Motorola® MC3000 or MC3100 series terminals and your Host Computer or your network. This cradle also charges both your terminal and a spare battery – all while performing communication operations via a USB or network connection.


PSCK-MC3000UE Kit Includes USB, Ethernet & Power Cable



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Device Model
Software Required
Power Supply
All Windows Versions
Supports MC3000, 3060 and 3090
All Windows Versions
Supports 3100, 3190, 3190-Z, etc.


eConnect™ Software for Pocket PC 2002 and later
eConnect™ Terminal software for devices running Pocket PC 2002 and later using Ethernet cradles.
eConnect™ Software for Windows CE 4.X
eConnect™ Terminal software for devices running Windows CE 4.x using Ethernet cradles.
Cradle Manager Software (.zip 377 KB)
Permits network and system administrators to manage and configure Ethernet cradles connected to the network. Not terminal-specific.