The PSA1UH1E adpater enables network connections for mobile computers and systems that do not have the proper USB hardware and software.

This guide explains the various states of the USB Connection Indicator LED.  This is the primary user interface that provides status and feedback on the current state of the connection.

For information on updating firmware, changing IP settings or naming the PSA1UH1E, see the PortDox User Guide.

Factory Reset

PSA1UH1E-12The PSA1UH1E comes with a built-in ability to be factory reset.  This is useful in cases where a Static IP may have been set incorrectly or similar circumstances.

To reset the unit, you must have the Power Pass-through cable that comes standard with the PSA1UH1E.

Reset Procedure:

  1. Unplug all cabling from the PSA1UH1E.
  2. Plug in Power input.
  3. Within the next 6 seconds, plug and unplug the power pass-through cable a total of 3 times, resulting in 6 changes.
    • Plug, Unplug, Plug, Unplug, Plug Unplug
  4. The PSA1UH1E will flash, reboot and come back on factory default settings.
  5. Plug all cables normally.

Ethernet LED Status


The Ethernet port on the PSA1U1E has integrated indicator LEDS.  These indicate the state of the Ethernet connection.

Amber – The right LED indicates a physical link has been detected to a switch or router.

Green – The left LED indicates packet data is bing transsmitted.  It may be solid or blink for various periods of activity.

USB Connection Indicator LED Color States

The PSA1UH1E will provide color coded information to indicate what is currently occurring in the connection process.  NOTE: The attached mobile computer or device must be configured properly as shown on the PSA1UH1E product page.

  • PSA1UH1E IndicatorGreen – Blinking
    • Data is currently being transferred by the connected mobile computer or device.
  • Green – Solid
    • The attached mobile computer or device is connected and ready to send data.
  • Green Alternating Orange
    • The attached mobile computer or device is negotiating a connection.
  • Orange – Blinking
    • The PSA1UH1E has detected a plug-in on the USB port.
  • Orange – Solid
    • The PSA1UH1E is ready to connect with it’s USB port.
  • Red – Blinking
    • The PSA1UH1E is not ready to connect.  Ethernet is either Disconnected or not properly connected to a switch or router.
  • Red – Solid
    • The PSA1UH1E has run into an error or fault or has been damaged and has stopped operation.  A power cycle may clear this status.